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Witnesses of the landscape

"Witnesses of the Environment", an exhibition of 15 canvases in mixed techniques of oil, collage and acrylic curated by art historian and gallery owner Gerardo Traeger. A project that tries to encapsulate and materialize everyday life from a social point of view, where the individual belongs to a common environment.

"The role that culture and art can have in the progress of society is the idea that drives this exhibition. It presented medium and large format canvases that give me the opportunity to portray my surroundings and their everyday life, an exercise that allows me, from the search for an alien angle, to understand that I am one more participant in my community". commented the artist.

Ciudad de México, México
Gallery | Museum
Galería Casa Quimera
Exhibition curator
Gerardo Traeger
Exhibition date
28 junio - 18 julio 2017