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"Mirrors", is a project of two groups that have organized themselves: La Curtiduría (Oaxaca, Demián Flores) and Art Divison, (Dan McClarry), which are spaces founded by independent non-profit artists.They have an exchange program and I was their 'guinea pig' because this exchange started with my project.

"Mirrors" was exhibited in Los Angeles, California, thanks to the efforts of these institutions and some private companies that served as sponsors, as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Consulate General of Mexico in that U.S. city. With this support I was given a residency during the month of August, which consisted of carrying out a project with complete creative freedom.

As part of the residency I made a collection of 15 paintings which included 7 portraits, 7 flowers and 1 piece in collaboration with one of the Art Division students. "The exhibition was called 'Mirrors' because it has two readings. The first one is the metaphorical part, which is very appealing to me: "We are all immigrants" and based on a theory that no one can criticize them because the United States is made up of immigrants.

Los Ángeles, California, E.U.A | Oaxaca, Oaxaca, México
Gallery | Museum
Art Division Paint Studio | La Curtiduría
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Exhibition date
Agosto - diciembre 2018